File a Document

You may file a document with the court electronically, in person, by mail or by fax. We encourage you to file your documents electronically. There are no additional costs associated with e-filing. If you’re wondering about next steps after submitting your first document online, please refer to What Happens After Filing the First Document.

Please note that once your documents are filed, you cannot view them online. If you want to see your filed document(s), visit a Registry office near you or send a request for copies. Please note that there are fees of 0.40$ per printed page that we mail you. There are no fees associated with reasonable requests for emailing electronic versions of a document made by an individual.

Documents filed with the Court and evidence admitted by the Court are part of the court record and are normally accessible to the public. We therefore ask that you avoid including sensitive personal information in your documents such as:

  • Social insurance number or employee identification number
  • Business number
  • GST or HST account number
  • Payroll account number
  • Date of birth (unless it must be provided, in which case only the year must appear)
  • Names of minor children (unless they need to be identified, in which case only the child’s initials must appear)
  • Medical information not relevant to the disposition of the proceeding
  • Bank number (unless it needs to be provided, in which case only the last four digits must appear)

The Court is not responsible for redacting documents. Redaction is your responsibility.

Notice of Appeal
Application to extend time to file a Notice of Appeal

Other Documents