Your Day in Court

In the event you choose to represent yourself in your appeal, this video and explanatory note will provide some assistance to you.


Application deadlines and procedure to request an extension of time to file an appeal before the TCC.


This section describes the specific procedure to be followed depending on the nature of your appeal, whether it be related to Income Tax, GST, Employment Insurance or the Canada Pension Plan.

Registry Services

Information about the Court's Registry and access to services provided to counsel and self-represented litigants.


Links to the Tax Court of Canada Act and to those statutes under which the Court has jurisdiction to hear appeals and references.

Practice Notes

On occasion the TCC issues a Practice Note in order to assist the parties on the application and utilization of the various Rules.


The Tax Court of Canada has a total of seven separate Rules of procedure by which appeals may be heard, depending on the nature of the appeal.


This section contains all the forms necessary in order to proceed with an appeal before the Court.


Access to the decisions of the Tax Court of Canada.

Hearings Schedule

Search the Court's electronic record by time period and or location for a list of the appeals which will be heard by the TCC.

Related Links

External links which you may find interesting.


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