Practice Notes

No. 1: Gowning (General Procedure)

No. 2: Motions (General Procedure)

No. 3: Hearings by conference telephone call (General Procedure)

No. 4: Hearing locations

No. 5: Maximum amounts for Informal Procedure

No. 6: Trial dates (General Procedure)

No. 7: Status Hearing (General Procedure)

No. 8: Use of Discovery/Undertakings

No. 9: Urgent telephone calls outside regular working hours

No. 10: Settlements

No. 11: Pre-hearing conferences (General Procedure)

No. 12: Status hearings

No. 13: Addressing the judges in court

No. 14: Request to amend timetable order

No. 15: Requests for closed captioning or sign language interpretation

No. 16: Notice regarding privacy and public access to court files

No. 17: Proposed rules and amendments with respect to Settlement Offers, Lead Cases and Litigation Process Conferences

No. 18: Proposed amendments to Rule 147 with respect to settlement offers

No. 19: Proposed amendments to the Tax Court of Canada Rules (Informal Procedure) and the Tax Court of Canada Rules of Procedure Respecting the Excise Tax Act (Informal Procedure) following the coming into force of Bill C-60

No. 20: Filing of a consent to judgment

No. 21: Settlement Conferences

No. 22: Experts’ Panel (Hot Tubbing)

Note: Users of these office consolidations are reminded that they are prepared for convenience of reference only and that, as such, they have no official sanction.