Tax Court of Canada Medal

Tax Court of Canada Medal


Overview section

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The Tax Court of Canada Medal is awarded to individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the advancement of tax law and who have throughout their career exemplified and assisted the Tax Court of Canada in its efforts to develop and maintain its mission which is to provide the public with an accessible and efficient appeal process before a fair and independent Court. The medal is generally awarded to retired individuals and will only be awarded to professionally active individuals in exceptional circumstances.

Recipients section

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  • CJ Donald G. H. Bowman (2008)
  • Dorothee McKinlay (2009)
  • J. Pierre R. Dussault (2009)
  • J. Murray Mogan (2010)
  • Edward Harris (2012)
  • Barbara Tanasychuk (2014)
  • The late Chief Justice Alban Garon
  • Raymond Guenette
  • Richard W. Pound (2023)
  • Alexandra Brown (2023)
  • The late Henry Gluch (2023)

Nominations section

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Do you know someone who deserves to receive the Tax Court of Canada Medal?

We are currently accepting nominations, please submit a letter to Chief Justice Rossiter detailing why your nominee should receive the medal and provide their background and contact information.

We will contact the nominators of selected candidates only. Thank you.