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What is the Registry? The Registry plays a central role in the Court’s operations. It is responsible for processing, recording and directing the flow of all documents filed by the parties. The Registry is the point of contact between the public and the judiciary. It can provide you with information about files, hearings and court procedures. All of the Tax Court of Canada files are public and can be accessed by anyone, unless a confidentiality order has been issued. The same applies to hearings, which are open to the public unless an in camera hearing has been ordered.

The Court has 13 registry offices across the country and 46 other locations where hearings are held. It should be noted however, that upon application, the Court will consider sitting at other locations if circumstances so warrant. The principal office of the Court is located at:

200 Kent Street,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0M1

You may use the map below to see all of the Court’s hearing locations and registry offices. When clicking on any of the locations, the appropriate contact information will appear. You may also input your address and see the closest hearing locations and registry offices near you. Please note that the exact location of a hearing within a listed city may vary. Therefore, always check your Notice of Hearing or scheduling order. This tool is provided for informational purposes.

Hearing & Registry Locations

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